New Concept of Plant Base. Friendly to Earth - "Gardencrete Lite"




Gardencrete Lite Grass Block is 30cm x 30 cm x 4cm size of panel with grass on the surface. It can be laid on the verandah easily. Gardencrete Lite is a kind of right weight concrete. It can retain water well. Gardencrete Lite not need much soil. Only Pumice concrete can cultivate plant. So it functions like in hydroponics culture.


Product List - Simply Lay on Verandah Only

Block Size :30cmx30cmx4cm

Weight 4.5kg/sheet

Price in Japanese Yen, Approximately:1700YEN

Material Set: Please refer to Material Set

Light Weight and User Friendly to everyone, including women and elderly

Lay it on Verandah of Condominium or in front of Garden.

Soil is not necessary. Due to its light weight nature, everyone can lay grass smoothly and easily.

Maintenance of Grass is same as grass on the soil. Sprinkle water and Cut Grass Often.


More Information

Soil Is not Necessary
With the use of Gardencrete Lite Grass Block, It is not necessary to use soil. So it is easy to lay on verandah and roof top.
Protection Against Rotting of Roots
Gardencrete Lite has the same similar characteristics to retain water like soil. However surface of Block keeps the conditions Dry and thus in this process, prevents the rotting of roots.
Free Arrangement and Flexibility
Gardencrete Lite Grass Block can be moved smoothly and easily to exchange and arrange its position on the verandah.


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