New Concept of Plant Base. Friendly to Earth - "Gardencrete Lite"




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Date of Establishment 24th October 2002
President Hiromu Misawa
Vision for Consumers To Provide A Natural Affordable & Easy to Use solution for Consumers to Beautify their surroundings for their home and as well as reduce the Global Warming Solution causing heatwave in homes without the use of additional expensive equipment.

Vision For Organisations

To Supply to Organisations a Natural and Affordable Alternatives to Organisations in the Building, Gardening Industry as well as for use in Public areas such as Housing, Parks, Temples Etc,

Vision For Company

Aiming to Protect and Regenerate the Global Environment for the 1st Century through the use of environmental friendly and beneficial products for the public and consumers.

On-going Japanese Research and Development to innovate and develop products for Individuals and Corporations to problem solving of issues with the environment by enhancing efficiency and comfort while protecting the environment with all natural and low cost alternatives.

Associate company MISAWA Hong Kong LTD @Oa`Li
Address: Unit 1711, Pacific Trade Centre, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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