New Concept of Plant Base. Friendly to Earth - "Gardencrete Liten"


Material Set

Set Materials of Gardencrete Lite is pre packed materials of the correct aggregation so anyone can make a variety of flowerr base convenience.

Package of Materials is composed by Pumice (natural ceramics - which can retain as much of water) and Nutural Inorganic hardener BG powder

Materials List Materials List

We provide 2 types of packages (LARGE and SMALL) depending on purpose of usage
Small Package 2 Litre (1.3kg) for flower base and small products
Large Package 20 Litre (13kg) for Roof Top, Verandah and Surrounding Pavement of Houses


Material set (Small)Material Set (Large)

With Regards to Grass Block, Please see Site of Grass Block

How to Use (Small Packet)

( 1 ) Add pigment in plastic bags ( 2 ) Grip plastic bags and shake it well This is very important to ensure a smooth uniform blend for the success of your Flower base!
Hoe to use 3
( 3 ) After shaking Inorganic hardener BG powder, pumice and pigment, add 600cc of water in it. ( 4 ) Grip plastic bags and shake it again
How to use 4
How to use 5
( 5) Put materials on box and press it well using hands. ( 6 ) Put plant in it. And do not remove the box or the materials for at least 12 hours.
( 7 ) LET IT HARDEN in 12 hours and it is COMPLETED! ( 8 ) Usage of Gardencrete Lite is just like following a very simple recipe, if not easier´┐ŻBIt is for the elderly, the young, the impatient, the novice. Just about anyone. Results are seen in 1/2 a day!


CharacteristicLight Weight, everyone can handle it. Environment-Friendly

Natural Materials
Gardencrete Lite is composed only by natural products. So it is at one with the earth environment and can be recycled.
Light Weight
Gardencrete Lite is light weight compared to concrete and soil. (1/2 of concrete) and therefore anyone such as the elderly or the ladies have no problem handling it.
Water Retaining Ability
Gardencrete Lite can absorb and retain water similar to the way soil does. And because of this, it is excellent environment for growing plants. In addition, it also has special properties similar to soil for good ventiliation.
Color Variations
We Provide a range of exciting color variations. To name a few available now, the colors are Yellow, Orange, Brown, Lime and Gray. There will be more exciting as well as smoothing colors to come.
Comfortable Environment
Gardencrete Lite can retain water and air inside its materials. When it is paved on the roof top or house surroundings, it can provide a comfortable house environment and temperature without having to resort to expensive artificial means. In industrial use, it is used to reduce heat island phenomenon in urban environment.
Economical Price
When compared with conventional concrete, soil and roof-top green products, GARDENCRETE LITE is the most economical affordable choice with ease of use and totally natural products!
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