New Concept of Plant Base. Friendly to Earth - "Gardencrete Lite"


Characteristics of Gardencrete Lite

Gardencrete Lite is new concept of materials which is composed entirely of Natural ceramic "Pumice" from Earth's Volcano and "Nutural Inorganic hardener BG powder".

We Provide a wide range of product line up to suit every need. From a small package for creating one's own flower base to large packages for paving pavement and surrounding of houses. We also supply "Grass Block" which can be laid on verandah easily to turn a plain looking verandah into a designer garden's effortlessly and tirelessly in no time.

MaterialFriendly To Earth

Gardencrete Lite is composed entirely of Natural Products - Pumice and Nutural Inorganic hardener BG powder Only.

Material Set

How to useFriendly to Handle because it is Lightweight and Non straineous

You can make variety of flower base by using our pre packed materials. Light weight (1/2 of concrete) that even ladies can handle it all by themselves without any help at all.
1.Open Small package of materials and fill it in bowl
2.Add 600 cc of water and mix it well
3. Use hand and tools to make a variety of flower base
4. Wait 12 hours. IT IS NOW COMPLETED!

How to use 1How to use 2How to use 3

CharacteristicFriendly To Plants

Water permeability therfore it retains the ability to grow Plants.

Gardencrete Lite has similar characteristics of soil with regards to ability to retain water

Simply lay it on roof top, pavement and/or surrounding of house. It can help to control temperature and humidty and make for a comfortable environment for people, without the need to expend too much on expenses.

It is also gratifying to do it yourself as it is simple and affordable.

Gardencrete Lite does not contain any synthethic chemicals which might be harmful when handling with hands or inhaling. It is purely natural and thus it is this very special characteristic that can enable grass to grow healthy, abundant and vigorous, because it is natural and one with nature!

Grass Block for VerandaSurrounding of House

Patent Technology of Mixing Ratio and Pre Pack

  • Materials of Gardencrete Lite are now Patent Pending.
  • Pre Packed Materials of Gardencrete Lite is protected by Patent


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